Licenses & Permits

  1. Building Permit

    Find out when a building permit is required, when it is not, how to obtain one, and more.

  2. Business Licenses

    Access licenses for liquor, tow trucks, auctions, and more.

  3. Business Occupancy Permit

    This guide is designed to assist you in the process of opening a business in St. Charles County.

  4. Business Tax Registration

    A business must obtain a sales tax license by registering with the Department of Revenue if it’s making sales of tangible personal property and taxable services (such as telephone service and fees paid into places of amusement including but not limited to yoga and fitness centers).

  5. Contractor Licensing

    Electricians, plumbers, mechanical (HVAC) contractors, fence installers, pool installers, drain layers, third party inspectors, and blasters are required to have a license through the St. Charles County Building Division before doing any work in the county that requires a permit.

  6. Food Permits

    Regulated by the St. Charles County Food Code, the food safety program includes routine and follow-up inspections, investigations into complaints and suspected food-borne illnesses, implementation of food recalls, the operation of multilingual food safety classes, plan reviews for new and remodeled facilities, and the issuance of permits to food facilities.

  7. Home Occupations

    The requirements for a home occupation pertain to the unincorporated areas of St. Charles County. If you reside in a city, please consult the city for their requirements.

  8. Merchants & Manufacturer License

    Fill out the application for a merchants and manufacturer license.

  9. Sign Permit

    No sign shall be erected in unincorporated St. Charles County without having obtained a sign permit from the County Division of Planning and Zoning, unless otherwise provided in the Sign Regulations or in the St. Charles County Directional and Way-Finding Signage Program.

  10. Site Plan

    Before any building and land use permits can be issued for the new construction of or the addition to institutional, commercial, and industrial structures within unincorporated St. Charles County, a site plan must be furnished to the County Division of Planning and Zoning for review and approval.

  11. Special Use Permit Application

    Anyone contemplating work on the public right-of-way, whether it be a construction company, a utility, or an individual property owner, must first obtain a Special Use Permit.

  12. Zoning Confirmation

    A zoning confirmation is required to obtain a business license.

  13. Zoning Verification Letter

    A letter may be drafted by the Planning and Zoning Division upon receiving a request from a business or person to verify the zoning district of a specified property in unincorporated St. Charles County, Missouri.