Starting a Business

  1. Area Resources

    Access federal, state and local business resources.

  2. Assessor

    Contact the Assessor’s Office to let them know you are starting a business.

  3. Chambers of Commerce

    Access area chambers of commerce websites.

  4. Commercial Occupancy Requirements

    This guide is designed to assist you in the process of opening a business in St. Charles County.

  5. Commercial Site Development Guide

    After the applicant has obtained or verified the necessary zoning and/or conditional use permit for commercial development of their site, the actual site development process begins.

  6. Merchants License

    Fill out the application for a merchants and manufacturer license.

  7. Sleeping Room Taxes

    Learn more about this tax.

  8. Workforce Development

    The Department of Workforce Development is your source for all employment and training needs in St. Charles County.