1. Applications & Resources for Pet Adoption

    Browse available applications and resources related to the Humane Division.

  2. Building Permits

    Get access to common building permits that are needed in the community.

  3. Business & Residential Permits

    Access permits for businesses and residents, including building permits, land use and more.

  4. Business Occupancy Permit

    This guide is designed to assist you in the process of opening a business in St. Charles County.

  5. Construction & Development Related Permits

    Obtain permits that are related to construction and development, such as building, contractor licensing, blasting, demolition, and more.

  6. Election Judge

    The St. Charles County Election Office is in need of election judges to work at the 121 polling places within St. Charles County.

  7. Environmental Health Permits

    Apply for food establishment and other public service provider permits, learn about recycling or request mosquito control efforts in your neighborhood.

  8. Health Internships

    Interns gain on-the-job experience and prepare for future careers. Task requirements vary according to job duties.

  9. Home Occupation Permit

    Learn how to apply for a Home Occupation Permit.

  10. Job Opportunities

    The opportunities with St. Charles County Government are vast, with something for virtually every type of employment background, so we encourage you to view our job openings often.

  11. Licenses

    Access licenses for liquor, tow trucks, auctions, and more.

  12. Loan & Housing Assistance Programs

    Learn about the different HOME St. Charles programs that are available to those within the county.

  13. Marriage License

    Find out where, when and how to apply for a marriage license.

  14. Merchants & Manufacturer License

    Fill out the application for a Merchants and Manufacturer License.

  15. Notary Public

    The County Finance Department issues Notary Commissions for bonded, qualified applicants who have been approved to act as a Notary Public by the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.

  16. Passport

    Prepare all necessary materials and complete a U.S. passport application.

  17. Personal Property Assessment Form

    Complete this form that asses all of your personal property for tax purposes.

  18. Pet Foster Application

    Sign up to be a foster for the Pet Adoption Center.

  19. Special Use Permit Application

    Anyone contemplating work on the public right-of-way, whether it be a construction company, a utility, or an individual property owner, must first obtain a Special Use Permit.

  20. Zoning Confirmation

    A Zoning Confirmation is required to obtain a business license.

  21. Zoning Verification Letter

    A letter may be drafted by the Planning and Zoning Division upon receiving a request from a business or person to verify the zoning district of a specified property in unincorporated St. Charles County, Missouri.