NOTICE 10-16-14: Assessor's Office conducting 2015 Reassessment
The St. Charles County Assessor's Office is currently conducting the 2015 Reassessment of all properties within the county. During this process, review appraisers will be visiting each parcel of real estate, and may be driving slowly, stopping in some areas. Each review appraiser observes and records physical information about the property to determine the reasonable market value.  
Vehicles (like the one below) will be clearly marked with the St. Charles County logo, and each appraiser will be in a County uniform and will also have a County photo ID badge for identification. Site visits are being conducted Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and appraisers will not be asking to enter any homes. If you would like to verify that a vehicle in your area is indeed from our office, feel free to call 636-949-7431.
Assessor Vehicle
The Assessor is charged with placing a fair market value on property as of the tax date. The property tax in Missouri is “ad valorem” meaning the taxes are based on the property value.

The Assessor has no jurisdiction or responsibility for taxing jurisdiction budgets or establishing the tax rate.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the Assessor's office, processes, and responsibilities.


Tax Bills
Your tax bill is comprised of 3 key components:
  • Assessment Authority
  • Taxing Authority
  • Collection Authority
Assessment Authority
The assessment authority (Assessor’s Office) is responsible for establishing the fair market value of all property within St. Charles County as of the tax date. This assures the tax burden is distributed fairly among those responsible for payment.

Taxing Authority
The taxing authority (school, city, fire districts, etc.) establishes the tax rate based on the budgetary requirements needed to appropriately fund the services provided within their jurisdiction.

Collection Authority
The collection authority (Collector’s Office) is responsible for collecting the amount of tax assigned to each property owner.