The mission of the St. Charles County Transportation Department is to coordinate road improvements to make driving, walking and biking easier in St. Charles County. 

The goal of the department is to provide reliable, safe transportation facilities needed to reduce congestion, support existing businesses and encourage growth in the community.

Transportation Improvement Plan
The Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) (PDF) is a 3-year road improvement plan of projects funded through the county's ½ cent transportation sales tax fund.

I-70 Traffic Flow Improvements Project
Over the past 10 years, traffic along the Interstate 70 (I-70) corridor in St. Charles County has been increasing at a dramatic rate. St. Charles County will be working with the City of O’Fallon and City of St. Charles in implementing the I-70 Traffic Flow Improvements. In the O’Fallon area, improvements will be made to the Route M/K interchange. In the St. Charles area, improvements will be made to the Fifth Street interchange.

Traffic Counts
The Transportation Department has partnered with the County Highway Department and municipalities of the county to develop a county-wide traffic count database. This data is being used to better understand and evaluate travel on our local roads.  

The county-wide traffic count map is to an interactive map that provides the traffic count data. For more information about the county-wide traffic count database, please contact the Transportation Department at 636-949-7490.

Thoroughfare Plan
The goal of the county-wide Thoroughfare Plan is to identify strategic road corridors vital for efficient traffic flow and for orderly development. The Thoroughfare Plan is a long-range conceptual road plan that outlines the right of way needed for future road improvements necessary to accommodate additional residential, commercial, and retail development. 

The Thoroughfare Plan map is an interactive map that identifies those conceptual corridors. For more information about the county-wide Thoroughfare Plan, please contact the Transportation Department at 636-949-7490.