Electronic Recording

Electronically record your documents with our office.

Electronic Document Recording (eRecording) is a method of delivering and returning documents electronically from a submitter's office to the recorder. eRecording can be an option for title companies, law firms, banks and other businesses that record documents. The actual recording of the document is still accomplished by the recorder in their software system. Recorded documents are then returned electronically.

Benefits of eRecording

  • Helps reduce time from submission to return of documents, from 3–4 weeks to within minutes or hours of the initial submission
  • Saves time, money and resources normally spent on document packaging, delivery and return
  • Reduces rejections and document or payment errors
  • No cutting and processing checks; payment of recording and eRecording fees is handled electronically
  • Enhances document tracking and security
  • Helps with industry best practice compliance

Getting Started

By contacting your choice of one of our trusted eRecording vendors below, you can have your office quickly set up to electronically submit documents to our office.
Please note: We currently do not accept state or federal tax liens or releases, plats, surveys or non-standard documents for eRecording. For answers to general eRecording questions, contact the St. Charles County Recorder's office at 636-949-7505 or recorder@sccmo.org, or view PRIA's frequently asked questions about eRecording.