Parks & Recreation

It is the responsibility of the Parks and Recreation Department to: Provide county residents with regional parks and recreation facilities that will enhance the historical and natural environmental heritage; promote the high quality of life that exists in the rural and urban areas; resolve to meet the growing demand for preservation of open space; encourage tourism; and actively seek coordination with St. Charles County municipalities in order to meet the needs for delivery of recreation facilities and services that nurture healthy lifestyles for people who live, visit, and enjoy our county.
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Photography Policy
Learn about the department's Professional Photography Policy (PDF). Professional photographers seeking to take portraits, group photos, or conducting a photography project for profit shall apply for a Special Use / Authorization Permit (PDF) through the St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Department.

Weather Closures
To preserve our facilities from damage due to inclement weather, we are occasionally forced to close our natural trails and the off-leash dog areas. To learn the status before you visit the parks, call the Parks and Recreation Department's cancellation/closure hotline at 636-949-7475.