Improving Roads

Funding for major road improvements, which can include widening and/or realigning for safety purposes, comes predominantly from proceeds collected from the ½-cent transportation sales tax that is collected on all purchases throughout St. Charles County. This tax was first approved by the voters back in the early 1980s and has been re-approved several times.
Federal Funds
The other source of revenue used for major improvements on county roads is federal funds distributed by the East West Gateway Council of Governments through the Missouri Department of Transportation.
road improvements being completed
St. Charles County competes for these funds each year with the other counties and cities in the St. Louis metro region. Funding amounts vary from year to year, but this money has been used to pay for up to 50% of the costs on many of the County Highway Department’s major road improvements.

Wider, Safer Roads
Revenues from the ½-cent sales tax, supplemented with federal funding, have been used by the County Highway Department, as well as the various cities within the county, as growth and development has occurred to convert many of the winding, 2-lane roads to safer, wider roadways with enclosed drainage and sidewalks. These improved roadways serve most, if not all, of the major residential and commercial areas of the county.