Dispatch & Alarm

The Department of Dispatch and Alarm dispatches for 10 fire districts, 1 fire department and a county-wide ambulance district in St. Charles County. It is responsible for emergency communications for all field units that protect approximately 350,000 citizens from 34 fire stations and 16 ambulance bases strategically located throughout the county.

With 20 full-time dispatchers supported by an administrative staff of 6, the department processes approximately 50,000 calls for service per year. From a heart attack to a house fire, dispatchers are able to quickly determine the extent of the situation and send the correct units to assist the victim and/or mitigate the situation.
Department Technology
The department uses a robust, highly reliable Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to dispatch the closest appropriate fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. In addition to the CAD system, dispatch and alarm also utilizes a mobile field application that is installed in every front-line fire and EMS apparatus. Utilizing this application allows field personnel instant access to real-time incident information.

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