Emergency Communications

Be Advised - As of June 1, 2017, our Fire and EMS paging frequency has changed. The new VHF paging frequency is 154.445 MHz.

The Department of Emergency Communications provides dispatching services for all fire and EMS agencies within St. Charles County, the St. Charles County Police Department, St. Charles County Sheriff's Department, and St. Charles County Park Rangers. The department serves the community as one of the six dispatching centers and 911 answering points located in the County, which covers 592 square miles, more than 386,000 citizens, as well as visitors. Dispatchers within the department evaluate emergency and non-emergency calls for service and determine the appropriate level of response for each call, providing both the citizens and first responders with quality and professional service.   

In addition to dispatching services, the Department of Emergency Communications also maintains and supports both the digital radio system and the Next Generation 911 phone system, both of which are utilized by all police, fire, EMS and public works departments within the County.   

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