Questions to Expect from the 911 Operator

The call taker will always ask you to say the address of the emergency and your callback number for verification. The call taker will ask you to repeat the address in the interest of accuracy. You must remember that the efficiency of emergency services depends upon the information received, and that includes an address or some way to identify a location that does not have an exact address, such as a railroad crossing, playground, or open field.

Universal Questions
After the address and callback telephone number of the emergency have been verified as correct, the call taker will ask you 4 universal questions. These questions, listed below, are based on the patient's medical condition and will help to organize and send the assistance required:

"What's the problem, tell me exactly what happened?"

"How old is she/he?"

"Is she/he conscious?"

"Is she/he breathing?"

Exchanging this critical information with the call taker typically takes less than 30 seconds. After that, you may be asked to do nothing except wait for help to arrive, or the call taker may tell you to move to a safe environment (in case of a lightning storm or building fire, for example), or to assist in providing emergency care to the ill or injured person until help arrives.