School Resource Officers

The St. Charles County Government has initiated a partnership with area schools to preserve a positive learning environment for our young people. The School Resource Officer (SRO) program is designed to keep our schools free of drugs, weapons, and violence to safeguard the potential of today's students.

In 1997, the county government began placing SROs in unincorporated county schools as an emerging concept in community oriented policing. The presence of these officers provides a level of comfort and security for students, teachers, and parents.
SRO talking with students
3-Fold Mission
The St. Charles County Police Department assigns officers who are specifically trained for interaction with students to serve as SROs. The mission of these officers is 3-fold: to act as an advisor, an educator, and as a law enforcement officer in order to encourage constructive conduct and communication in the school environment.

The SRO program is improving children's respect for law enforcement officers. Results of the presence of SROs are encouraging, with an estimated 60% drop in the number of criminal offenses on campuses since the program began.
Educational & Family Resource
The officers are also an educational and family resource by speaking to classes and groups on topics including:
  • Driver safety
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Problem resolution
Whether the issue is practical learning, health, safety concerns, or opportunities for community involvement, these officers have access to outside resources when students need additional assistance.
SRO talking with a student
Primary Duty
While SROs serve as mentors, their primary duty on school campuses is law enforcement. Officers respond to incidents, conduct investigations, make juvenile court referrals and arrests, and work with juvenile authorities and other agencies to correct problem behaviors. When students violate the law, they face consequences from the penal system in addition to action taken by the school district.

Contact Information
Residents interested in the SRO program may contact the St. Charles County Police Department Community Education Division at 636-949-3006 for further details.