Land Records

Land records include a diverse collection of documents filed with this office and consequently made permanent, public record. The bulk of these documents affect real estate situated in St. Charles County, hence the general label "land records."

Online Public Land Records Research

In 2014, the Recorder of Deeds added images back through 1972. Historical documents with indexes from 1971 through 1804 were added in late 2016. You may now research the Recorder's indexes back through 1972, as well as 1971 through 1804, online. You may also view/print document images for a fee of $1 per document plus $1 per pageVisit our ROAM page.

Archive Method

As permanent records, these documents must be "recorded" using an archival media approved by state statute. We currently archive these records on 16mm microfilm.

For improved accessibility and reprinting of the records we scan them to an optical imaging system as well. Over the years there have been various other methods of archival storage employed, but all used paper or microfilm as the media. Once the document is processed through our office, it is returned to the person who presented it for recordation.


The first document recorded in this office was handwritten in French into a bound book, with the acknowledgement of the signatures in English, and certification by "P. Provenchere, Recorder" on November 16, 1804. This was the "District of St. Charles" at that time.

Record Indexes

The rapid growth of St. Charles County is reflected in the number of documents recorded with this office. For example, in 1970 there were 10,497 documents recorded; in 1980 there were 19,661; in 1990 we recorded 43,395; and in 2003 we recorded 178,423 documents!

For more information about recording documents with this office, please call us at 636-949-7505 option 4.