Uniform Commercial Code

These documents are liens which, when filed with the Secretary of State or recorded with the County Recorder of Deeds, serve to “perfect" the security interest of the lender against the borrower and the listed collateral. These documents are not permanent record, but actually expire five years from the filing/recording date unless a UCC "continuation" is filed/recorded. This is allowed, by statute, to be done during a specific time period immediately preceding the expiration date.

State Statute

Per statute, as of July 1, 2001, the Missouri Secretary of State assumed the duties of UCC filings. From that date forward only UCCs which affect real estate are accepted by County Recorder’s of Deeds. These UCCs are recorded into the land records. They are no longer filed as UCC records.

Contact Information

If you have questions about filing UCCs, you may contact the Missouri Secretary of State at 573-751-4628, option 3, or toll free at 866-223-6535, option 3.

For questions regarding recording real estate UCCs, please call 636-949-7505, option 5.