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A Message from the County Executive

Technology makes life easier. We can buy just about anything online instead of driving to a retail outlet. We make fewer trips to the gas station because our cars are more fuel efficient. In an emergency, we have the ability to call 911 from cell phones instead of relying on landlines. All of this is fantastic – but you may be surprised to know that these technological advances have created new challenges for government in a growing county like ours...Read more
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Joann Leykam
Director of Administration
Jennifer George
Assistant Director of Administration
John Greifzu
Assistant Director of Administration
  1. East-West Gateway Approves $48 Million in Transportation Dollars for St. Charles County

    A member of the East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGCG) Board of Directors, County Executive Steve Ehlmann voted in favor of funding for several major St. Charles County transportation improvement projects recently approved by the board. Read on...
  2. Portage Road Closure Between Rees and Weber Lake Continues

    NuStar Energy, L.P., and Blackburn Construction, in cooperation with TraMar Contracting, are extending the closure of Portage Road between Rees Road and Weber Lake Road to allow for a pipeline replacement. Read on...
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