Licenses and Applications

Auctioneer License - state wide license sold for one month, three months, six months, or twelve month periods. Missouri Revised Statute 343.010

Bicycle Event Application - required for organized cycling events in St Charles County with required approval by St Charles County Chief of Police - Application Process - $25 fee - Chapter 270 – Ordinance 10-091

Ferry License Brochure and Ferry License Application - required for operation of a ferry within St Charles County – initial term of one year and then three year renewal - Chapter 650 

Liquor License - required for sale of liquor in St Charles County – yearly renewal expires on July 31st. Proof of the State of Missouri liquor license is required - Chapter 600 - Ordinance 94-88.

Liquor License Fees and Information - Schedule of Pro-Rated Fees

Incorporated Liquor License/Abbreviated Liquor License - For businesses located in the incorporated county, and for  all other liquor licenses per Missouri Liquor Control guidelines not mentioned in the unincorporated liquor license requirements..  

Unincorporated Liquor License - Please note that only businesses located in the unincorporated county that require a retail liquor license by the drink and/or Sunday by the drink, or require another such liquor license per Missouri Liquor Control guidelines, need to complete this extended application.  

All questions on the applications must be answered completely. All requested information is to be included and the form(s) signed and notarized.  The completed applications must be accompanied by a check for nonrefundable filing fee (s) and license fee (s) payable to St. Charles County Government. Proof of the State of Missouri liquor license is required.  

Merchant and Manufacturer License - Required for all retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers in St. Charles County per State of Missouri Statute 150.010—St. Charles County Ordinance #04-133---Annual renewal.

Peddler/Solicitor License regulate the activities issued as 4 or 7 day permit $20.00 - requires approval by St Charles County Chief of Police Chapter 606 – Ordinance 10-073
Itinerant Vendor License - regulate the activities issued as 4 day only permit $20.00 - requires approval of the Registrar and the Director of Community Development 

Tow License - required for operating a towing business physically located in St Charles County or conducts more than fifty percent of wrecker or tow services in St Charles County - required approval by St Charles County Chief of Police with a yearly renewal – Chapter 608 – Ordinance 03-011