Lakeside Pavilion

With a gorgeous lakeside view, the hexagonal-shaped pavilion at Indian Camp Creek Park is surrounded by a rocky landscape to create the perfect backdrop for keepsake photos, small weddings, and other special moments.

Renting the Pavilion
The lakeside pavilion is rentable in minimum 2-hour increments every day of the week for $60 per session. For information on availability, please call the Park Department at 636-949-7535.
Guidelines for Pavilion Use
  • Reservations have priority.
  • Surrounding area, including the eco-playground, remains open to the public.
  • Chairs, food, drinks, rice, birdseed, and balloons are prohibited.
  • Tents, canopies, or outside apparatus are prohibited.
  • Vehicles must stay on the parking area at all times.
  • Please do not use nails or staples and remove all signs and decorations before departure.
  • The site is provided in "as is" conditions, please make sure it is clean for the next user.
  • Your consideration for other guests and their use of the pavilion is greatly appreciated.