Health & Safety

Good health starts with a safe home environment and family development. Preventing and protecting against diseases before they spread, creating a safe environment, and establishing a loving culture will help children and their parents to create a lasting bond. By making smart choices, we can overcome many health issues and live more productive lives. View our class calendar to see when our next class will be held. You may also schedule a health promotion class by calling 636-949-7400 or use the online form.
Disease Prevention
Communicable Disease Awareness
Length: 60 minutes

Aimed at early education teachers and other child care professionals, this class discusses many of the communicable diseases that can be contracted in areas with many children.

Hand Washing
Length: 30 minutes

Program can be tailored to all ages and will present the basics of proper hand washing to prevent the spread of germs and communicable diseases. Class includes a hands-on lesson using “magic” germs and a black light.

Length: 60 minutes

Designed for those from adolescence to young adult, this class discusses all aspects of hygiene from head to toe to prevent the spread and growth of disease or illness. Different classes are available for boys and girls (and for co-ed audiences).
Health & Well-Being
Spring into Wellness
Length: 60 minutes
Designed for all ages, this presentation addresses the 7 dimensions of wellness - spiritual, financial, environmental, social, physical, intellectual and emotional.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program
Length: 60 minutes

Focusing on seniors and adults with arthritis, this program uses gentle activities to increase joint flexibility and range of motion. Exercises also help to maintain muscle strength.

Health, Wellness and Safety Fairs
Length: Varies

If you would like a representative from the St. Charles County Department of Public Health to attend your company or organization event, please contact the Health Education division at 636-949-7400. Programs can be arranged to meet the needs for most any group.

First Aid & Assistance

Red Cross First Aid Certification

Length: Varies

Open to all ages, certified trainers will provide instruction that will earn qualifying participants Red Cross First Aid certification. Program costs vary by length and focus.

Red Cross CPR Certification

Length: Varies

Open to all ages, certified trainers will provide instruction that will earn qualifying participants Red Cross CPR certification on infants, children and adults. Program costs vary by length and focus.

Basic Life Support - Advanced Course

Length: Varies
Class is designed for healthcare providers and public safety professionals who require hands-on certification in the use of CPR and/or AED units in response to breathing or cardiac emergencies. Upon completion of the class, participants will earn an American Red Cross training certificate. Program costs vary by length and focus.
Mental Health / Substance Abuse
Body Image & Self-Esteem
Length: 30 - 45 minutes
Focusing on grades 4 - 6, this program introduces the concept of body image and offers ways for fostering a positive body image in ourselves and others. Program encourages participants to feel “at home” in their body.

Stress Management
Length: 60 minutes

Designed for adults, this program assists individuals in identifying sources of stress (both good and bad) in their lives and explores the use of proven stress management techniques to assist in control.

Alcohol and Youth
Length: 60 minutes

Aimed at middle school students, this program encourages dialogue as to why statistics indicate that nearly 1 in 5, 8th graders drink alcohol. The presentation also raises awareness of the negative impact that underage drinking has on health, relationships and society.

SOS - Signs of Suicide

Length: Varies
Focusing on teenagers and young adults, this award-winning, national program teaches ways to identify symptoms of depression or suicide in themselves, friends, and loved ones. The SOS program is the only school-based suicide prevention program listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices that addresses suicide risk and depression, while reducing the number of suicide attempts.

Senior Safety
Length: 60 minutes

Intended for adults ages 60 and older, this interactive program discusses medicine safety, fall prevention, safe driving and the use of exercise to retain mobility. Included are everyday exercises that can be done while sitting in a chair.
Length: 60 minutes

Sun Safety

Length: 30 minutes
Program can be tailored to all ages and will focus on means for protecting oneself from the harmful rays of too much sun. The Health Education division can also present this information as a part of a booth or seminar at an area health expo.