Our Focus and Vision


The goals of this department are to:
  • Preserve the open spaces of St. Charles County by acquiring and protecting valuable land for the historical and natural heritage of the county. Unique sites of historical or natural features should be preserved, even if they do not meet the acreage requirements of a regional park.
  • Acquire 4,000 acres for parks and open space by 2015. At a minimum, 50% of the acquired acreage should be maintained in a natural state. Park sites should be regional in their scope, and as such, should be typically 100 acres or larger in size.
  • Provide programming facilities and services for park and recreation activities as dictated by user demand that are both self-directed and structured in natural settings.

Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Facilities Task Force

The St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Department traces its origin back to the fall of 1995, when a citizens' group formed the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Facilities Task Force. This group addressed open space and cultural issues for St. Charles County's 2010 Master Plan. The following year, the task force concluded that creating a Parks and Recreation Department was the best option to conserve the valuable resources of St. Charles County. After it was placed on the ballot in 1997, and passed by a public vote, the St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Department was created.


By the end of 2003, the St. Charles County Parks Department reached its initial goal by acquiring more than 2,000 acres of land for development in eight designated park areas. At this time, the department has 3,620 acres of parkland and has opened 12 parks for public use, including:
In addition to the development of park resources, the department operates programs and special events for adults and children throughout the year. As staffing and the park opportunities grow, programs and special events increase in frequency and scope.

Mission Statement

The St. Charles County Parks and Recreation Department's mission is to diligently preserve and conserve the natural and historic resources of this county for the recreational benefit and enjoyment of our citizens.


It is the vision of the Parks and Recreation Department to provide county residents with regional parks and recreation facilities that will enhance the historical and natural environmental heritage; promote the high quality of life that exists in the rural and urban areas; resolve to meet the growing demand for preservation of open space; encourage tourism; and actively seek coordination with St. Charles County Municipalities in order to meet the needs for delivery of recreation facilities and services that nurture healthy lifestyles for people who live, visit, and enjoy our county.