Open Space Vision

It is the vision of the Parks Department to provide county residents with regional parks and recreation facilities that will enhance the historical and natural environmental heritage; promote the high quality of life that exists in the rural and urban areas; resolve to meet the growing demand for preservation of open space; encourage tourism; and actively seek coordination with St. Charles County Municipalities in order to meet the needs for delivery of recreation facilities and services that nurture healthy lifestyles for people who live, visit, and enjoy our county.
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Park Additions
Look for more great additions to the St. Charles County Parks system as St. Charles County Government continues the acquisition and development of quality open space for the enjoyment of our residents. Currently, there are six parks in reserve which are not yet open to the public. They include:

  • Freymuth Park
  • Hackmann Park
  • New Melle Area Park Sites
  • Pitman Hill/Kisker Park
  • Spring Bend Park
  • Sundust Park
The St. Charles County Parks Department is building a legacy by developing a regional parks system that promotes being active by nature!