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Dec 18

A Lot is Going Right in St. Charles County

Posted to Councilman Dave Hammond's Blog by County Council

Do you read your tax bill to see where your tax dollars are going? This year, you might be surprised to see no line item for General Fund property tax - the tax that goes to the primary operating fund for St. Charles County Government. This is not a mistake and it doesn’t mean anything is wrong – it actually means a lot is going right in St Charles County. 

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Mar 31

Different Issues, Same Priority: Keeping Our Residents Safe and Healthy

Posted to Councilman Joe Brazil's Blog by County Council

Working to keep our county and its residents safe and healthy is one of my top priorities. As these subjects relate to safety and health, I would like to address Augusta Bottom Road safety improvements and the causes behind prescription drug and heroin abuse here and across the state. Each a different issue, one is in the process of becoming fully resolved, and my wish is that one day the other will, too.

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Sep 30

Emergency Communications and Operations in St. Charles County

Posted to Councilman Joe Cronin's Blog by County Council

The first responders of our county have always done a great job assisting residents in need. The EF3 tornado of May 31, 2013, damaged thousands of properties and left tons of debris behind – and county government, law enforcement, fire and EMS all did their part in the recovery effort. The ability for St. Charles County to respond to any kind of emergency and help our citizens is extremely important. While the county’s Division of Emergency Management and police/fire/EMS dispatch make the best of their current facilities, the existing space imposes limits on stepping up the level of response in an emergency – especially in a large-scale, county-wide emergency. This is why the county is planning to build a new Emergency Communications and Operations Center.

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