Joe Brazil - District 2

Joe Brazil

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Year(s) in office
2000 to present

Other public offices held
City Council in Florissant, Mo.

Graduate, University of Missouri-Columbia

Commercial, industrial and waterproofing manufacturer's representative

Length of residency in St. Charles County
27 years

Community involvement

  • Member, Defiance Merchants Association
  • Help solve problems between government and residents 

Married to Kell for 18 years; daughter Haley Tharp and son-in-law Billy, with grandchildren, Beckam, Eisley; daughter Chyna and Teagan. 

What is the biggest challenge for our county?
Explosive growth with maintaining infrastructure and services. 

What notable goals do you have for your office/the county?
Helping preserve rural southwest St. Charles County, stopping the use of red-light cameras, keeping taxes low, supporting police and County employees, not creating laws and government overreach into our community.

Where do you suggest residents get their news about the county and local government?
Local media outlets