John White - District 7


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John White has lived in St. Charles County since 1972 and was elected to represent County Council District 7 in 2001. John’s major goals on the County Council are to keep taxes low and preserve green space for trails and parks.

John received his degree in Dental Technology from Southern Illinois University and has worked in the dental field for 50 years. Since 1973, he has owned a dental laboratory in St. Charles County.

Outside of the County Council, John is involved in many civic organizations. He is a member of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, the St. Charles Optimist Club and the St. Charles County Pachyderm Club. He also serves as a liaison to the University of Missouri Extension Center and serves on the board of East West Gateway Council of Governments. In addition, John is a Past President of the Missouri Dental Laboratory Association and the Greater St. Louis Dental Laboratory Association.

John and his wife, Vicki, have been married for 47 years and have two children and two grandchildren. In addition to spending time with his family, agriculture and conservation are two of John's big interests. He is able to be involved with both through trips to his family farm in Montgomery County, IL.