Pet Fostering

A pet can bring joy and laughter to a home. Studies also show that pets encourage people to exercise more, enhance family relationships, promote social interaction and improve emotional health. The simple act of petting a dog or cat has even been proven to lower blood pressure.

If you’re interested in welcoming a pet in to your home but are unable to commit to full-time ownership, you can become a foster parent. By fostering a dog or cat, you’ll socialize it and provide basic care in a loving home until a more permanent place to live is available.

The Pet Adoption Center assists foster parents by contributing additional food and care supplies. All medical service expenses incurred through our contracted veterinarian will also be covered. Depending on the animal, fostering can last from several days to a few months.

For information on our Foster Program, please email or call (636) 949-PETS. To speed the process, please complete our online application (PDF) before contacting staff.

St. Charles County Foster Pet Categories

Medical Fosters for Cats and Dogs

These animals may be any age but require a comfortable place to heal from injuries or illness. This may include services for Heartworm treatment, orthopedic injuries and other health conditions.

Small Tails for Cats and Dogs

Our bottle babies need round-the-clock care, with high commitment to extra TLC required for their developing needs. These animals may also include young kittens or puppies that are not yet eligible for adoption. Animals must be at least 2 months of age before they can be spayed/neutered and then adopted out from our facility.

Mommas with Kittens or Pups

Taking care of a mother and her babies is at least a 6-8 week commitment by a foster family. Because these animals are vulnerable to possible illness, we seek to move them from the Pet Adoption Center into a safe home as quickly as possible.

Wellness Care for Cats and Dogs

Finding the right place for older/senior pets will keep them at their peak health and improve animal welfare. These situations may include hospice care.

Adoption Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors champion the effort to find the right home for a dog that has remained at the Pet Adoption Center for a long period and needs a safe place to relax or de-stress.

Whisker Outreach

Our Whisker crew champions special cats to locate the right home for them. These cats include those who have lived at the Pet Adoption Center for a long period and would be better served in the home environment.