Road & Other Closures - Flood

This page will be updated when there are County and municipality-serviced roads and other areas reported to/confirmed by Emergency Management that are closed or have other accessibility issues due to flooding, and when there is additional urgent news. This page is updated as additional closings/issues come in but the listing may not be comprehensive, especially in a high-volume and/or fast-changing rain and flash-flood/flooding situation. Drivers are always encouraged to exercise caution in flood-prone areas near rivers and creeks - turn around, don't drown!

As of 5 p.m. July 5, 2018

  • Lakeview Drive - 60 yards north of Bowen Ave., water over road all the way to the river
Water Over Road
  • Kampville Road
  • Lehmond Island Road - 150 yards south of Sunset Dr., more than 6 in. of water over road
  • Wilson Road - 4-6 inches of water over the road at Washeon Road
Subdivisions (All or Most Roads)
  • Kampville - Inaccessible
  • Lehmond Island - Inaccessible