Audit Reports

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An audit report is a document that contains a summary of audit findings. Audit findings are the result of comparing actual conditions with expected conditions. The differences in comparisons form the basis for findings and are based on:

  • Criteria - Standards, guidelines or expectations in making assessment
  • Conditions - Facts of situation observed
  • Cause - Reason for the difference between condition and criteria
  • Effect(s) - Possible consequences that may result unless recommendations are implemented

An audit report covers the objectives of the work performed, the scope and methodology used, and detailed descriptions of our results. Directors and Elected Officials provide a formal response to each recommendation made, and these responses are included in the reports. All audit reports are provided to the County Council, County Executive, County Administrator, and the department or office head.

Audits in Progress

  • Police Department – Bureau of Field Operations
  • Collector Annual Settlement Review
  • Sanitary Sever Later Program 
  • Fixed Asset Inventory
  • Countywide Expenditure Review
  • Juvenile Justice Center
  • Department of Corrections – Operations and Support Services 
  • Department of Corrections – Custody & Security

Audit Plan

The St. Charles County Auditor's risk assessment and Audit Plan defines the office's plan for the next four years. A risk assessment outlines the level of risk and the need for audit emphasis associated with a particular department or office and determines how frequently the area will be reviewed. The St. Charles County Auditor's risk assessment and Audit Plan is updated annually and is available upon request.