Fireworks Display Permit

When is a Fireworks Display Permit Required?

A fireworks display permit is required whenever a public display of fireworks is planned.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for a fireworks display permit, please visit the Building Construction Permit section of our Citizenserve Citizen Access Portal.

What Will I Need to Submit?

  • Site Plan: Permit applications for outdoor fireworks displays must include a diagram of the location at which the fireworks display will be conducted with indication measurements from the following:
    • Spectator area
    • Location of building(s)
    • Location of parking lot(s)
    • Roadway(s)
    • Overhead obstructions (such as tree lines) and utilities
  • Insurance: Proof or certificate of insurance of owner of site or of operator for fireworks display.
  • For proximate fireworks displays (large scale fireworks), the following ALSO are required:
    • Firework grading: Provide a listing of fireworks that are to be shot. The manufacture information regarding the grade of the firework must be included.
    • Operator's state license: A copy of the operator's state license or licenses for discharging display or proximate fireworks.

Fees and Plan Review

The fee for a fireworks display permit is $50; the fee for a proximate fireworks display is $100. Permit can be issued same day, but at least 48 hours prior to event is requested.


If you have any questions, please contact the St. Charles County Building and Code Enforcement Division at 636-949-7345.

View St. Charles County's fireworks ordinances (PDF).