Land Disturbance Permit

How Do I Apply?

Online: Please visit the Land Development & Zoning Applications section of our Citizenserve Citizen Access Portal.

When is a Land Disturbance Permit Required?

It's unlawful for the owner of a property and/or that owner’s agent to perform land disturbance activities affecting 5,000 sq.ft. or more without obtaining a land disturbance permit unless the activity meets the exemption criteria in 412.050 of the County Code.

If the land disturbance will be less than one acre and if it is determined by the Division Director that erosion & sediment control plan submittal requirements in 412.060.A.1&2 of the County Codes can be waived, then a MINOR Land Disturbance Permit permit can be issued for a flat fee of $100 without the need to prepare and submit sediment and erosion control plans. Typically individual home construction, outbuildings, additions, and minor residential improvements and grading operations qualify for MINOR permits. If the land disturbance is one acre or greater or if the Director cannot waive the plan submittal requirements, then a MAJOR Land Disturbance permit will be required. Contact the Division of Development Review at 636-949-1814 or Email Development if you are unsure of the type of permit needed.

A Water Reservoir/Dam Permit is required to construct, remove, maintain, or improve a dam and water reservoir where the land disturbance will be 5,000 sq. ft. or greater. Installation or removal of dams/berms across natural watercourses requires an additional permit and approval from either the Director of Community Development or from the County Council per Section 405.5026 of the County Codes.

A Flood Plain Development permit application will also be required in addition to this permit application where any portion of the project is located within the regulated flood plain.

Special Application Information, Fees & Plan Review

(for land disturbances between 5,000 sq.ft. – 0.99 acre where plan submittal requirements in 412.060.A.1&2 of the County Codes can be waived by the Division Director – contact 636-949-1814 or Email Development)


  • Site Plan and Acreage of Proposed Land Disturbance Activity
  • Permit Fee ($100.00)



  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plans & Supplemental Information per 412.060 of the County Codes
  • Engineering Calculations Required in Article IV of the County Codes and Section 60 of the Design Criteria
  • Plan Review Fee per 425.020.N.1 of the County Codes



State/Federal Permits Required

In addition to the county permit, a permit issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) is required to be obtained for land disturbance activities affecting 1 acre or more. This permit also serves as the required federal permit for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) required under the federal Clean Water Act. Permits must be obtained from MDNR by visiting their website. The location of their regional office is:
Missouri Department of Natural Resources - St. Louis Regional Office
7545 S. Lindbergh
Suite 210
St. Louis, MO 63125

Performance Guaranty & Inspection Fees

In order to obtain a major l and disturbance permit, the applicant must insure or guarantee the stabilization of the site upon completion or stoppage of the land disturbance activity by posting a performance guaranty in accordance with Section 412.080 of the County Codes. A base inspection fee must also be paid in accordance with Section 425.020.N.2 of the County Codes before the permit will be issued. Any unused portion of the inspection fee will be reimbursed to the permitee. If inspection hours exceed the base fee, then the additional inspection hours will be billed to the permittee at the rate of $25/hour. The permit will not be closed and the performance guaranty will not be released until the additional hours invoice is paid for.


Please contact the St. Charles County Development Review Division at 636-949-1814 or Email Development.