Leased Vehicles

Leased vehicles should not be reported on an individual’s Personal Property Assessment Form. Leasing companies are responsible for reporting leased vehicles to the Assessor's Office because they are the owners of the vehicles.

Renewing License Plates

To renew the license plates on a leased vehicle, one of the following documents will need to be presented to the Department of Revenue:

Obtaining Forms

A Certificate of Personal Property Non-Assessment may be obtained from St. Charles County by presenting your lease agreement or vehicle registration renewal notice to the Assessor’s Office. You may present your document in person, via fax or email.

Receiving a Bill from Leasing Company

If you received a bill from your leasing company and have questions concerning who is responsible for the payment of personal property tax on a leased vehicle, please review the terms of your lease agreement or contact your leasing company.

If you were leasing a vehicle on January 1 of the previous tax year, your leasing company may have provided you with a copy of the paid personal property tax receipt. If not, you may obtain a copy from the Collector of Revenue's Office.