Planned Unit Development (PUD) Rezoning

How Do I Apply?

Before applying, it is important that prospective applicants first meet with Planning & Zoning Division staff for a preliminary review and assessment of the proposed development.

Applications must include:

  • A legal description of the property to be rezoned.
  • A recent certificate of title or deed to the property showing ownership.
  • A concept plan (PDF) delineating the proposed land use areas on the tract, the type and number of structures in each land use area, residential densities, routes of circulation for both vehicles and pedestrians, and other appropriate information such as prospective illustrations.
  • A development schedule indicating the approximate stages over which the development will be constructed.
  • The application fee (based on acreage).

What is a Planned Unit Development Rezoning/When is it Required?

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a zoning overlay district which allows the coordinated development of a specific larger-scale project which might be impracticable or impossible under standard zoning. The developer is provided flexibility to mix land uses (such as residential, office, and commercial) and to design the development with creative building arrangements. In return, the public and elected officials will know in great detail what is approved for construction. Article X of the Unified Development Ordinance provides the process and standards for approval of Planned Unit Developments.