Cost Estimates

Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) Cost Estimate
The formula for establishing a performance guaranty sum in
Section 412.080.B of the County Codes only covers the basic costs for establishing acceptable ESC measures on the construction site (stable construction entrance, perimeter protection, sediment basins, vegetative stabilization). If additional products, infrastructure, or measures are designed for the project, then these ESC measures must be itemized and included in the performance guaranty amount. If itemizing the costs is desired or required to establish the Erosion & Sediment Control Performance Guarantee amount, the estimate must include, but is not limited to, the following costs:

  • Construction entrance
  • Nonvegetative soil stabilization (commercial erosion control blankets, rip-rap, retaining walls, etc.)
  • Permanent infrastructure needed during interim grading
  • Permanent storm water detention facilities (commercial / industrial site plans only)
  • Revegetation (seed, mulch, fertilizer, sod, etc.)
  • Sediment controls (straw bales, siltation fences, diversion swales / berms, etc.)
  • Sediment traps / basins
  • Stream bank protection
  • Temporary drainage systems

Subdivision Improvements Cost Estimate
An itemized cost estimate is required to establish the Subdivision Improvements Performance Guaranty amount. This amount must cover the costs for all public improvements maintained by the county (public streets and storm sewers) or private improvements maintained by the homeowners (private streets, storm sewers, detention and storm water management facilities). 

The cost estimate must include, but is not limited to, the following costs:

  • Channel improvements
  • Earthwork (grading, clearing, demolition, etc.)
  • Retaining walls, if part of road embankment
  • Sidewalks (adjacent to common ground and handicap ramps)
  • Storm sewer systems, bridges, and culverts
  • Storm water detention and management facilities
  • Street and miscellaneous pavement
  • Street signs, guard rail, and other ancillary items
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