Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NID)

NID Assessment Roll

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The goal of this program is to assist residents of St. Charles County to help improve their quality of life through the extension of public facilities or services, such as, streets, sewers, sidewalks, etc. This is accomplished through a cooperative effort between the County and residents within a proposed district.

Neighborhood Improvement District Act

The Neighborhood Improvement District Act, Sections 67.453 through 67.475, RSMo, was adopted by the Missouri General Assembly in 1990 for the purpose of stimulating development of public improvements that in turn will stimulate private development.

The act provides a method by which political subdivisions of the State may issue general obligation bonds upon a petition or vote of the residents within an area known as a neighborhood improvement district, which would be benefited by the public improvements and would be specially assessed to reimburse the political subdivision for its costs.


A Neighborhood Improvement District is formed as a cooperative effort between the County and residents within a proposed district. The County’s role is to coordinate the project through the legislative process, including the plan review and permit process, and to provide financial support that includes allowing the residents the ability to finance their repayment over a period of 10 or 20 years. The residents are responsible for contracting for all legal and title work, a design engineer, and a construction contractor. In emergency situations where there is or could be an environmental impact to surrounding properties, the County may assume responsibility for the legal and title work and for contracting with a design engineer and a construction contractor in order to expedite the completion of the project.

Minimum Public Standards for Upgrading Private Street and Storm Sewer

The minimum public standards for upgrading private streets and storm sewers in subdivisions that were platted prior to Nov. 3, 2003, and that have lots one acre or larger in size, are listed in Section 410.405 of the County Codes. Private streets and storm sewers for all other subdivisions and non-subdivision tracts would need to be upgraded to the current public standards to utilize the NID program to finance and construct the project.

Steps Summary

The following provides a summary of the steps required:

  • Define project scope, properties benefitted, and boundaries of the proposed district.
  • Determine approximate cost.
  • Circulate petition (2/3 support required for an election, 100% support election not required).
  • Election, if required (4/7 support required to pass).
  • Enact County ordinance to establish the district boundaries, order preparation of plans and specifications, and that a public hearing be held.
  • Hold public hearing.
  • Enact County ordinance to accept plans and specifications, set forth a proposed assessment roll, order improvements, and authorize interim financing.
  • Construct project improvements.
  • Enact a County resolution that accepts or approves the constructed improvements and orders a special assessment for repayment of all NID costs incurred by the County.


Please contact the St. Charles County Development Review Division at 636-949-1814 or email NID.