About Our Department

The Department of Emergency Communications consists of 38 full-time dispatchers and is supported by an administrative staff of seven employees. Staff takes pride in the high expectations that are set not only for the department but also for each other to consistently and competently determine the extent of a situation. From a crime in progress to a heart attack or house fire, dispatchers are able to quickly determine the location and circumstance of a situation and dispatch the appropriate units to respond to assist the victim and/or mitigate the situation. Utilizing the latest Next Generation 911 technology in order to maintain our high commitment to public safety, the agency processes approximately 50,000 fire/EMS calls and approximately 90,000 law enforcement related calls per year.  

The Department's Radio and Technology Division maintains and supports the newly upgraded digital radio system and 12 transmitter/cell tower sites located within St. Charles County. This division consists of five full-time employees, including Division Manager and four technicians. 

Department Technology 

At the beginning of 2013, guidelines mandated by Federal Communication Commission (FCC) went into effect, causing previous radio communication systems to become obsolete. An updated digital radio system with 12 transmitter/cell tower sites was implemented and has greatly enhanced the two-way radio communication capabilities between the dispatch centers and the field units. The system provides interoperability among agencies and counties during times of natural or man-made disasters and/or other large scale incidents. The radio system became fully functional in January 2015.  

The Next Generation 911 phone system became operational in November 2015. This system will handle over 150,000 wireless and landline 911 calls each year countywide. This new system has two remote host locations, which are Cloud-based for backup purposes. Updates to the new system in mid-2016 will include the ability to receive 911 calls via text.