Concealed Carry Permit Address Change

Where to Apply

St. Charles County Police Department
101 Sheriff Dierker Court
O'Fallon, MO 63366


  • Within 30 days after the changing of a permanent residence to St. Charles County


8 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday (excluding legal holidays)


  • Current driver license or non-driver license
  • Your current Concealed Carry Permit
  • Provide some form of identification with name and current physical address (i.e., Missouri driver license, utility bill, personal property tax receipt or voter registration card).


  • $10
  • Acceptable payment types: cash, check, money order or debit/credit card (convenience fee applies for debit/credit card)

Late Fees/Penalty

The person with a concealed carry permit shall notify the Chief of Police of a name or address change within 30 days of the change. A concealed carry permit shall be automatically invalid after 180 days if the permit holder has changed his or her name or changed his or her residence and not notified the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police assesses a late penalty of $10 per month for each month, up to six months and not to exceed $60, for the failure to notify the Chief of Police of the change of name or address within thirty days.

The Chief of Police shall report the residence change to the concealed carry permit system, take possession and destroy the old permit, and then issue a new permit to the permit holder. The new address shall be accessible by the concealed carry permit system within three days of receipt of the information.


Contact the Records Division at 636-949-3016 or by email.