Logo Use


The St. Charles County logo is simple and elegant in its design. The classic style of the Requiem serif typeface is symbolic of the county's traditional past, the blue waves represent the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, and the green wave symbolizes the county, as well as growth and progress. Along with the general County logo at left, there are department-specific logos, which have the department name underneath.

St. Charles County's logo is representative of the County government and its departments, and is registered with the State of Missouri. Please contact Colene McEntee, Communications Manager, at 636-949-7900, ext. 1851, for questions regarding use of the general County logo and department-specific logos other than those departments mentioned below.

For questions regarding use of the Department of Public Health logo, contact Doug Bolnick, Public Information Officer, at 636-949-7400, ext. 7408.

For questions regarding use of the Parks Department logo, contact Nancy Gomer, Marketing Coordinator, at 636-949-7535, ext. 7646.

For questions regarding use of the Police Department patch or badge logos, contact Val Joyner, Public Affairs Officer, at 636-949-3000, ext. 3057.

For questions regarding use of the Prosecuting Attorney logo, contact Leslie Knight, Public Information Officer, at 636-949-7900, ext. 3625.