Business Services

The Missouri Job Center of St. Charles County offers a wide variety of services to employers, including customized recruiting, posting of job openings, applicant referrals, initial candidate screening, job fairs, training opportunities (PDF) and other services to meet your human resources needs.

Some additional services available at no cost to employers are:

  • Registered Apprenticeships: As a Registered Apprenticeship Program Sponsor approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Missouri Job Center of St. Charles County is ready to assist local businesses with setting up a registered apprenticeship program. This time-honored approach can help reduce employee training costs, increase employee knowledge and loyalty, and keep pace with advancing technology.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT): Businesses that use the OJT Program through the Missouri Job Center of St. Charles County can be reimbursed for up to 50 percent of wages while eligible workers receive needed training. We complete the paperwork at no cost to you.
  • Job matching and business consulting: The Missouri Job Center can help your business write job descriptions, post job orders, screen job candidates, host recruitment events, promote job openings, arrange interview space at the Job Center, access job candidates and provide labor market information.
  • Hiring veterans: Hiring veterans is good business! Veterans bring professional attributes to the job, such as teamwork, dedication, efficiency, loyalty, experience, decisiveness, adaptability, perseverance, leadership and determination. Work with the Missouri Job Center of St. Charles County to hire and train local veterans and promote the veterans employment program offered by your business.
  • ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC): This program helps businesses find skilled employees.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (OTC): Earn up to $9,600 in tax credits per eligible worker through the OTC. As available through the State budget, there is no limit to the number of qualifying new hires or the total amount of credits distributed.
  • Federal bonding: Uncertain about hiring a worker because of limited work history or other risks? Federal bonding can provide coverage for employees to guarantee personal integrity in the workplace.
  • Shared Work: We can help you avoid layoffs by dividing available work among affected employees who receive a portion of unemployment compensation.
  • Employment Transition Team (ETT): Let us hold worker informational meetings, provide employment-related information, connect employees with current job openings and assist you with layoff obligations.
  • Agricultural Employment Service (AES): Our staff offers recruitment assistance, job matching, pre-employment screening, work-based learning and worker placement in agriculture-related fields. 
  • Adult Education and Literacy Classes for Employees: Do you have employees lacking a high school equivalency (HSE), or who need a "refresher" in some academic area? Adult education and literacy classes are available in subjects such as math, science, English, communications, business writing, basic life skills and even computer training.
  • Internships: Experts say college students who complete an internship (or two or three) are more likely to have jobs waiting for them when they finish school. Let us work with your business to promote your paid internship opportunities and help you find suitable candidates!
  • In-house computer training workshops: Computer workshops available at the Missouri Job Center of St. Charles County are taught by staff experienced in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and more. Check our calendar for a schedule of workshops offered each month. Workshops are offered free of charge.
  • Talify: Talify Missouri is a web-based platform brought to you by the Missouri Office of Workforce Development and Kiosite, LLC, to more effectively connect businesses with job-seekers based upon skills, interests, personality traits and specific business needs.