Tourist Camp Permit

When is a Permit Required?

On September 27, 1995, St. Charles County Government passed Ordinance No. 95-146 requiring a permit for all current and new campgrounds or travel trailer parks.

How Do I Apply?

To obtain this permit, the following requirements must be met:

1. Permit application, which includes a site plan or map depicting:

  • A.The number and location of camp sites or RV lots.
  • B.The number and location of toilets, bath or showers facilities, lavatories, drinking fountains, or drinking water faucets.
  • C.The number and location of parking places.
  • D.The number and location of trash containers.
  • E.Road access or roadway, road widths, and type of surface.

2. Specify the maximum number of campers and guests that the camp could accommodate.

3. Schedule an inspection with the Building and Code Enforcement Division of St. Charles County to verify the minimum health and safety requirements are met. Inspections can be scheduled by emailing or calling 636-949-7345.

Things to Know

Download safety requirements and additional ordinance information (PDF).