ACE Accreditation

 The St. Charles County Department of Emergency Communications has been recognized as the world’s 252nd Medical Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™). St Charles County Emergency Communications is the County’s 911 dispatch center, and is one of 21,209 worldwide, and one of 5,783 in the United States.

To receive accreditation, centers must meet the Twenty Points of Accreditation as prescribed by the IAED. Those 20 points include, among others, personnel training and certification, documented policies and procedures, quality assurance and improvement programs, robust dispatch review and oversight by steering committees, as well as having a medical director in place for the program.

St. Charles County began the accreditation process in 2015 by familiarizing themselves with the IAED criteria. After nearly three years of preparation, including learning protocols, training and gathering data, as well as achieving and maintaining highly accurate protocol use, an application packet for accreditation was submitted this past December. The IAED conducted a thorough review of the required documentation, including listening to actual calls, and made a site visit to assess the dispatch center’s processes.