School Resource Officers

The St. Charles County Police Department employs 23 full-time School Resource Officers (SROs) to staff every school in unincorporated St. Charles County, Augusta Elementary School in the Washington School District, and schools in Dardenne Prairie and Weldon Spring which contract with St. Charles County for police services. These officers are highly skilled, veteran members of our staff who are certified as SROs through the National Association of School Resource Officers. They work closely with the administrative staff at their assigned schools to provide safer learning environments for all.

Three-Fold Mission

Officers who are specially trained for interaction with students are assigned to serve as SROs. The mission of these officers is three-fold: to act as an advisor, an educator, and as a law enforcement officer to encourage constructive conduct and communication in the school environment.

Primary Duties

SROs strive to build positive relationships with all students in their assigned schools. They spend their time conducting safety assessments, monitoring school activities, teaching classes, advising students and staff on safety issues and crime prevention, mentoring students, and investigating criminal acts that may occur on school grounds or during school events. SROs also work closely with juvenile authorities, social workers, and mental health liaisons to provide resources to students and families who may be in need.

Every School Resource Officer in the St. Charles County Police Department is Crisis Intervention Team certified and most are Youth Crisis Intervention Team certified as well.