Peer Counselors

WIC peer counselor_USDABecause there is nearly an entire generation of women who had not experienced breastfeeding, many mothers have no one to answer their questions or concerns. To dispel myths, address concerns and provide accurate information for those who want to breastfeed, the St. Charles County WIC program introduces a peer counseling program to add to the support provided by our program nutritionists and nurses.

Who Are Peer Counselors?

Peers are non-professional staff that have completed training in the basics of breastfeeding and have experience breastfeeding their own babies. Through regular contact throughout pregnancy and after the birth, counselors will provide support and offer referrals to agencies available to help new mothers and their children. 

Opportunities to Interact with Peers

The WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselors have begun a weekly support group for families. The group is open to the entire community, not exclusive to WIC participants, and all parties are invited to join. The group meets to share successes and discuss common parenting topics in an open-forum setting.

In addition to the weekly sessions, the Breastfeeding Basics class is offered at two convenient times each month. These two-hour classes are open to all pregnant mothers interested in learning more about the basics of breastfeeding. Topics will include: how to latch on successfully, maintaining milk supply, support opportunities and more.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.