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Citizen safety is our top concern – that’s why St. Charles County wants to make sure you are alerted about emergencies, road construction, and more. SCCMO AlertMe, powered by Everbridge, distributes notifications about these critical issues to subscribers.

What is SCCMO AlertMe? 

SCCMO AlertMe is a free* mass notification system provided by St. Charles County for residents and businesses that offers alerts delivered by text, email, or phone call. Subscribers can receive notifications in one or all of the following categories:

  • Emergency Management Alerts from St. Charles County Regional Emergency Management cover natural disasters, including flood evacuations and major/emergency road closures; public safety emergencies; and other county-wide safety concerns. Please note: The National Weather Service provides alerts for thunderstorms and tornadoes; these notifications are not available through SCCMO AlertMe.

  • Health Alerts from the St. Charles County Department of Public Health encompass mass outbreak/pandemic information, including illnesses and food poisoning, as well as county-wide animal control concerns.

  • Police Alerts from the St. Charles County Police Department include missing persons, manhunt information, and county-wide safety concerns.

  • Road Construction and Closure Alerts from the St. Charles County Highway Department cover road construction and related road closures by the department.

How Does It Work?

SCCMO Alert Me sends messages to all contact preferences selected during online registration. Having your latest contact information is the only way to ensure SCCMO AlertMe can reach you in an emergency. Be sure to save your username and password and update the system if phone numbers or email addresses change!

Please note: The phone number that appears for calls from SCCMO AlertMe is 636-949-7598. The system will leave voicemails but does not accept return calls/voicemails. Additionally, replies to SCCMO AlertMe text messages and emails are not monitored or returned. For questions or to share information, please refer to the alert for relevant contact information.  

How Do I Register?

It’s easy! Visit the SCCMO Alert Me registration site to sign up. Select the categories and contact preferences of your choice.

Additional Information

SCCMO AlertMe Registration Instructions (PDF)

For questions, please contact the County via email.

*While registration for SCCMO AlertMe is free, cellular message and data rates may apply depending on provider and plan.