The current St. Charles County Department of Corrections (SCCDOC) facility was built in 1989 and has the capacity of 592 prisoners. It is a maximum security second generation jail. Current population distribution consists of inmates awaiting trial, committed/sentenced, state prisoners, and holds for other jurisdictions including local municipalities as well as federal inmates.

Individuals are held on a wide variety of offenses ranging from misdemeanor traffic offenses to murder in the first degree. The maximum sentence anyone can serve at this facility is one year per individual case, however, some individuals have been held longer waiting to go to trial.

Housing Unit Dayroom

Inmates are typically assigned to housing units with the capacity of 24 to 48 individuals. Inmates spend a majority of their day in the housing unit for recreation, food service and daily activities.

At the request of the officer on duty, inmates are allowed to enter and exit their cells any time during normal hours of operation.

Inmates may spend an average of 14 hours per day in the dayroom or at recreation.

Corrections_Facility-Housing Unit Dayroom

Inmate Library

Inmates are normally allowed to read books, magazines and religious materials exchanged in the housing units on a weekly basis.

The SCCDOC also has a complete law library available for inmates to research legal issues.

Inmate Library

Inmate Visitation

Inmates are allowed one, 60-minute non-contact visit every other week. Visitation time is determined by housing unit. There is a maximum of four visitors, two at a time. All visitors must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to visitation (30 minutes is recommended) and must provide a valid photo ID to the in-house officer located on the first floor (except for accompanied children under age 16).

Children must be supervised at all times. Unattended or disruptive children will be escorted with the accompanying adult out of the building. A strict dress code will be enforced during non-contact visits. Visitors will not be allowed to wear muscle shirts, deep V-neck shirts, halter tops, see-through clothing, or extremely short shorts or skirts. Violation of the dress code will result in the visit being denied. Cell phones will not be allowed in the visitation area. If caught with a cell phone in the visitation area, the visit will be terminated and visiting privileges may be suspended for a time determined by the Director.

Visitors also may use the video visitation booths located on the first floor. These visits must be set up by the in-house officer at least 24 hours in advance by calling 636-949-7500, ext. 3610. Please have the inmate’s full name and birth date ready when calling. There is limited space, so booths will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Visitors are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes early to ensure their visit starts on time.  

Most inmates have access to a kiosk and tablets that also can be used for video visitation. This allows visitors to communicate with inmates from the comfort of their own home. Visitors must first set up an account through JailAtm.com. After setting up the account, visitors can communicate with inmates through their computer, laptop or smartphone while having a visual similar to the on-site video visitation. There is a fee associated with calls made through JailAtm.

Firearms Range

The SCCDOC conducts semi-annual firearms qualification for all armed officers at the St. Charles County Firing Range, operated by the St. Charles County Police Department. The range is one of the most advanced in the region offering classroom facilities for on-site instruction, and both flip-type silhouette targets and moving targets.

All Supervisors and Transport Officers who are armed are certified by the State of Missouri as Peace Officers.

Firearms Range