Medical Marijuana Facilities

The St. Charles County Council approved an ordinance in September 2019 amending the County Code and Revised Ordinances to establish regulations for medical marijuana facilities. This legislation follows the statewide approval of a Constitutional Amendment in November 2018 approving the use of marijuana for medical purposes.


Opening a Medical Marijuana Facility

To open a medical marijuana facility in unincorporated county:

  • First, submit a Zoning Confirmation Application to the St. Charles County Division of Planning and Zoning. Visit the Citizenserve portal to apply online.

  • Once zoning is approved, submit an application for a Medical Marijuana Facility License to the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services. Application information is available online.

    Note: State regulations dictate the maximum number of licenses to be issued to a single entity for each facility type (3 for Cultivation, 5 for Dispensary, 3 for Manufacturing) and the MINIMUM number of dispensaries in each congressional district (24). Please see the Department of Health and Human Services website or contact them to learn more.

  • Apply for a County Medical Marijuana Business License with the County Registrar. An application for the County License must contain the following:
    1. A completed Application for County Medical Marijuana Business License.
    2. A Zoning Confirmation from the Division of Planning and Zoning, dated within the last year.
    3. An Operating Plan approved by the Department of Community Development's Division of Building and Code Enforcement.
    4. The appropriate Missouri Department of Health and Human Services licenses and/or certification required for the type of facility. The state license does not have to be submitted at the time of application, but must be submitted before final approval of any application for the County License to be granted.
    5. Proof of insurance that demonstrates the applicant has appropriate general liability insurance in the amount of at least $500,000 for each facility.

Ordinance Requirements

The following chart is an overview of County ordinance requirements. If you live in a municipality, please contact the City Hall or visit their website for requirements.

Ordinance Requirements
Zoning - Cultivation FacilityA (CUP), C-2, I-1, I-2
Zoning - Products ManufacturingI-1, I-2
Zoning - Testing FacilityC-2, I-1, I-2
Zoning - Dispensary FacilityC-2, I-1, I-2
Zoning - Transportation FacilityI-1, I-2
DistanceAny facility must be 1,000 feet from churches, education sites (including daycares), and residential zoning (or residential use within the "A" zoning district).

Distance is measured from the facility to the property line for a freestanding facility, and from the property line to the facility's closest entrance or exit (for a multi-tenant structure).
Hours8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (dispensary)


For questions related to zoning, please contact the Division of Planning and Zoning at 636-949-7335 or For questions related to the County Medical Marijuana Business License, please contact the Registrar at 636-949-7560 or