Property & Evidence Release

Property & Evidence Release

Individuals requesting the release of ANY property confiscated by the St. Charles County Police Department or who wants to claim found property must submit a Property & Evidence Release form. Please allow up to five (5) business days to receive a response and your appointment time. Property and evidence retrieval is by appointment only.

Before any property can be released, approval must be obtained by the investigating officer and/or the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. For your appointment, please bring photo identification and, if retrieving a firearm, proof of ownership. A records check will be performed on your criminal history to determine if you are lawfully able to possess a firearm.

Weapons cannot be returned if any of the following apply:

  1. You are a convicted felon
  2. You have outstanding arrest warrants
  3. You have a dishonorable discharge
  4. You have a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction
  5. You are the subject of an Order of Protection

Property release may be denied for several reasons. For example, any property undergoing analysis and/or court proceedings may be retained by the police department.

Click here to learn more about the Evidence Management Unit.  If you have questions, please contact Evidence Management at or 636-949-3000.