Central School and St. Peters-Howell Roads

This project will upgrade the intersection at Central School and St. Peters-Howell roads, improve traffic flow and reduce congestion during peak traffic periods, and improve safety and pedestrian access. Proposed improvements include:

  • Widening St. Peters-Howell Road to provide dual southbound left turn lanes.
  • Widening Central School Road to provide a second westbound through lane.
  • Widening Central School Road between St. Peters-Howell Road and the Route 364 westbound ramps to provide a second eastbound through lane.
  • Modifying the traffic signal and including ADA-compliant pedestrian facilities. 
  • Modifying the existing drainage system.

The project is funded by the St. Charles County 1/2-cent Transportation Sales Tax, as well as the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). HR Green, Inc., is serving as the design engineering consultant. 

Current Phase

MoDOT has approved the right-of-way plans and given us Notice to Proceed with property acquisition. Negotiations will take all through the summer and likely to the end of 2021. Construction will probably start early in 2022 if right-of-way acquisition progresses.

Updated 8/26/21