Get in Line with QLess

Click on the links below to access queues for various buildings/departments, check the wait time status, save your place in line virtually, or to make an appointment. 

  • Administration Building Queue - The following departments at the County Administration Building at 201 N. Second Street in St. Charles, are available through the Administration Building queue:

    • Assessor - Personal property forms, real estate questions
    • Collector of Revenue - Pay taxes
    • Community Development - Building permits and licensing, code enforcement, homeowners exam (appointment only), land development and engineering, one-stop development assistance, planning and zoning
    • Finance/Registrar - Finance docs and bid dropoff, licenses and notary renewals, specialized licenses
    • Human Resources - Benefits (appointment only), employee orientation, personnel documents, employment testing (appointment only)
    • Recorder of Deeds - Military discharge (appointment only), Recorder services (marriage license, research, request of deed, request lot, record plat/survey, record document, single status letter, other)
    • Sheriff's Department - Civil process, fingerprinting (appointment only), gun lock program, property release (appointment only)
  • Public Health Queue - Vital Records and passports

About QLess

Residents in St. Charles County can avoid crowds and save time when they need to visit the key County Government departments listed above. Through the free QLess app, customers can enter a virtual queue via a mobile device or computer and receive real-time status updates.

Based on their proximity to the County building where their appointment is located, residents can remain at home, in their car, or tend to other business until they are notified via text that it is time to head toward the service location. A spot in line can be managed by text commands that enable users to request more time, leave the line, ask for help, cancel an appointment, or be notified of the time remaining before they reach the front of the line.

QLess capabilities at the County’s Administration Building, 201 N. Second Street in St. Charles, include a kiosk in the lobby. Instead of using QLess on a mobile device or computer, customers can utilize the kiosk to choose the service they need, enter their first name and last initial, and receive an estimated wait time. Monitors in the lobby and a text notification on a mobile device update those in the queue. When it’s their turn, customers will be alerted both visually and audibly through the monitor or on their mobile device.

Appointments for some in-person services at the Administration Building are available by using the QLess calendar feature, including fingerprinting services by the Sheriff’s Department; employment candidate testing by Human Resources; homeowner certification tests through Community Development; specialized licenses from Finance; and military discharge papers from the Recorder of Deeds. The calendar feature shows details about what services are available and when.

QLess is available at the St. Charles County Department of Public Health, 1650 Boone's Lick Road in St. Charles, for making health appointments and getting in a queue for services such as passports and vital records.

QLess does not sell data or transfer it to third parties; however, those who do not wish to use the QLess app still can access all services as before—by going to the location and using the kiosk to check-in, calling to make an appointment, or viewing a list of services available online.