Local Voluntary Buyout Program (LVBOP)

St. Charles County Government is eligible to apply for Disaster Recovery funds through the Federal Community Development Block Grant program to assist homeowners recovering from flooding that inundated approximately 90,000 acres across the county from April 29 to July 5, 2019 (Federal Disaster 4451-DR-MO). St. Charles County anticipates submitting a grant application to the State of Missouri by July 31, 2022. In conformance with a Statewide Action Plan, $15,780,460 in Federal Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds will be made available to address disaster-affected areas across St. Charles County. Specifically, the State’s Action Plan would allow the County to create a Local Voluntary Buyout Program to purchase and remove flood-damaged homes from flood zones, and to provide relocation assistance, for income-qualified homeowners and displaced tenants.

Homeowner participation in a Local Voluntary Buyout Program is completely voluntary. The County will not require any homeowner to sell their property. Participants would need to apply within coming months and meet income and/or other qualifications to be eligible.

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