Local Voluntary Buyout Program (LVBOP)

St. Charles County recently entered into a grant agreement with the State of Missouri to receive $15,780,460 in Federal Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds to address disaster-affected areas across St. Charles County. St. Charles County intends to undertake the acquisition and demolition of approximately 100 existing buildings that have been impacted by the 2019 flood. St. Charles County intends to dedicate these properties, in perpetuity, for uses compatible with open space, recreation, or wetlands management practices to increase flood protection, improve drainage, and enhance environmental quality through water management strategies consistent with all applicable regulations and/or approved plans pertaining to floodplain management, water resources management, pollution reduction and land use. The proposed buyout zone is in Unincorporated Areas, City of West Alton, City of Portage des Sioux at North St. Charles County and City of St Charles. The project boundary covers an estimated area of 67,000 acres, including 3212 parcels (705 single family residential and 246 farm properties).

Homeowner participation in a Local Voluntary Buyout Program is completely voluntary. The County will not require any homeowner to sell their property. The program participants would need to apply within coming months and meet income and/or other qualifications to be eligible. The Community Development department has not started the program intake process yet and will notify property owners in the buyout zone after the County is authorized to use the funding.

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