Voluntary Flood Buyout Program

St. Charles County Government is eligible to apply for Disaster Recovery funds through the Federal Community Development Block Grant program to further assist homeowners recovering from flooding that inundated approximately 90,000 acres across the county from April 29 to July 5, 2019 (Federal Disaster 4451-DR-MO). These funds will be used to purchase properties impacted by flood events at its fair market value before the 2019 flood event. Relocation assistance may be available as well. Homeowners would need to meet income and/or other qualifications to be eligible for consideration.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development recently informed the County that this funding may be delayed potentially as late as May 2022. St. Charles County intends to apply for funding for voluntary homeowner buyouts as soon as the State begins taking applications for this CDBG disaster recovery funding. The County does not yet know when the State will begin accepting applications. The County has a list of potential buyout properties determined via interested participants who filled up the “interested participants survey” and no further action on interested participants’ part is required. Should anyone in this list decide to go forward with elevation or demolition of their residence, their name and property address will automatically be removed from our list of potential buyout properties. If you are interested in this program, please complete the survey.