Duello Road (Phase 3A)

The Phase 3A project reconstructs 0.33 miles of Duello Road starting approximately 400 feet north of Orf Road and ending at Route N where construction currently is taking place to relocate Hopewell Road and realign Route N to reduce hazardous curves. Proposed improvements include:

  • Widening Duello Road and adding curb and gutter and enclosed storm drainage.
  • Smoothing vertical alignment for improved sight distance. 
  • Constructing ADA-compliant concrete sidewalks along both sides of the roadway. 
  • Adding northbound and southbound left-turn lanes and a westbound right-turn lane at Orf Road.   
  • Improving the intersections at Orf Road and at Brookfield Crossing Drive to enhance traffic flow in the area.

The project is in the preliminary design stage. After the Informational Virtual Open House in October 2021, the design may be altered based on public feedback. Easement and right-of-way acquisition/negotiation is expected to begin around summer 2022. Construction would follow in 2023.

Current Phase

Preliminary plans have been reviewed and approved by MoDOT. Following the public meeting that ran Oct. 6-20, 2021, the consultant began work on right-of-way plans. The first draft has been submitted for review. Right-of-way and easement acquisition should be underway by spring 2022.

Updated 1/4/22