Custody and Security

The Custody and Security Division is responsible for the overall activity within the Adult Detention Facility.

This division is comprised of a variety of staff members to include Correctional Officers, Correctional Peace Officers and Supervisory staff. These officers are chiefly concerned with the daily accomplishments of parallel and equally important missions: Protection of the public and enhancing the quality of life for St. Charles County residents while providing a safe, secure and humane environment where offenders and alleged offenders are incarcerated.

Security Section

Officers assigned to the Security Section are responsible for the protection of the public, and the safety and security of offenders/detainees during their incarceration. The Security Section also is charged with the training and development of all staff, and the recruitment of new officers. The Security Section covers the following areas:

  • Central Control
  • Internal Transport
  • Housing Unit Officer
  • Clinic
  • Suicide Prevention

Booking Section

Officers assigned to Booking are responsible for all aspects associated with the processing of inmates/detainees entering or leaving St. Charles County Department of Corrections (SCCDOC) custody.

Transportation Section

The SCCDOC Transportation Section is responsible for all inmate/detainee transports. Typically, all officers assigned to this Section are Correctional Peace Officers. All Correctional Peace Officers are Police Academy graduates and are Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified by the State of Missouri as law enforcement officers.